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  • GrantWorks is your source for grant writing.

    GrantWorks is a complete resource for fundraising, offers a number of services including grant writing and development, as well as funding source (prospect) research, cultivation and solicitation. All work features superior writing skills and is guaranteed to be thoroughly and thoughtfully researched. GrantWorks also offers other services including Business Process Analysis, Requests For Proposal (RFPs) completion/submission, Grants Compliance and Reporting, among others.


    We provide the following services:

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    Grant Writing

    • Writing grant proposals and other documentation necessary for the solicitation of funds based on the results of Prospect Research or on Request for Proposals (RFPs) identified by your organization.
    • Synthesizing detailed background information on your organization’s history, mission, programs and activities, as well as its track record in providing services for which funding is being sought.
    • Editing existing and newly created documentation in support of your organization’s mission, programs and activities to facilitate the grant writing process to Grant Writing.
    • Customizing you organization’s materials for presentation according to funding source requirements.

    Prospect Research

    • Researching any and all information necessary to identify foundation, corporate or government funding sources for the proper preparation and completion of submitted proposals.
    • Targeting your organization’s mission and the goals and objectives of its programs and activities while aligning them with the funding goals of ascertained sources.
    • Evaluating potential funding sources to determine the strength of a match between your organization’s needs and proposed activities with the goals of funders and recommending the best possible partners toward these ends.

    Prospect Cultivation & Solicitation

    • Contacting funding sources to facilitate new and on-going relationships between your organization and identified funding sources for the duration of the proposal process, as required.
    • Crafting letters of inquiry (LOIs) for submission to funding sources as needed for the cultivation of relationships between your organization and foundations and/or corporations.

    Specific Deliverables

    • Continually updated Prospect Lists, as needed.
    • Directed Letters of Inquiry (LOIs).
    • Thoroughly researched and thoughtfully constructed Grant Proposals and RFPs featuring superior writing skills suitable for submission.
    • Accurately presented reports with any/all grant criteria as mandated by funding sources.

    Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

    • Producing clearly stated and promptly submitted written responses to solicitations for bids for the procurement of a commodity, service or asset, including basic corporate information and history, financial information, technical capability, product information, and customer references.
    • Evaluating financial and business processes.
    • Preparing professional Business Plans.

    Grant Readiness Criteria

    • Determining whether your organization is ready to apply for grant funding based on a number of discrete criteria, including tax status and priorities, among others.
    • Providing a through review of your organization’s programs and activities with recommendations made for improving chances of securing grant funding.
    • Reviewing grant criteria and RFPs to match the goals of these with your organization’s proposed objectives.

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