Grant Writing Process


  1. Choose one officer, board or staff member, volunteer or anyone authorized by your organization to work with GrantWorks.
  2. We will then discuss whether your project or organization is eligible to both request and receive grants.
  3. If this initial determination is positive, GrantWorks will provide you with a contract for services.
  4. Once the contract is signed, GrantWorks will begin working for you under the terms of this agreement.
  5. You will then provide GrantWorks with certain basic background information needed in order to proceed.
  6. GrantWorks will then begin to research Funding Sources on your behalf and compile a preliminary Prospect List.
  7. GrantWorks will then create for your approval (with both the information in the documents provided and from research on your organization) a letter of inquiry (LOI) that will be sent out in your name to private foundations, corporate and governmental sources having goals that are compatible with your funding needs.
  8. All replies will come to you. They will each indicate which sources believe they can be of help to you. You will send all of the replies to GrantWorks, whether they are positive or negative.
  9. GrantWorks will then write proposals and complete any and all applications to those sources that have invited you to apply. GrantWorks will also prepare proposals that do not require an invitation as a preliminary step and will then submit all of the proposals to you for potential revisions and, then, for your final approval.
  10. You will then sign each application and submit them once they are deemed complete.
  11. You must report which funders provided you with support and which did not to me immediately upon receiving this information. I must verify the results in the funders’ year-end reports.
  12. All work will be documented and copies will be kept of all of our work together.
  13. No guarantee of successful funding can or will be made.

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